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The ulfo is an voltage-controlled analog low frequency oscillator based around a classic triangle core vco running through a series of waveshapers, giving the user an extremely wide range of outputs and modulation options. in the low range the ulfo will take over 60 minutes to complete a cycle and will go up to 40hz. the high range goes from 4 minute cycles at the lowest up to 3.6khz at the top of its range, making this a very good low and mid range vco as well as an outstanding lfo.

The ulfo offers 7 simultaneous outputs; saw, ramp, pulse, triangle, sine and shaped sine and the square output is available as the sync out. the pulse and shapes sine are voltage-controlled and have attenuated inputs. the pulse width modulation works like most others, from going from 0-100% with either the pwm pot or with control voltage. but the shaped sine is fairly unique in the modular world. this allows a sine wave to be swept from a positively biased non-linear triangle down to a negatively biased non-linear triangle. an example of this can he found here.

The two frequency modulation inputs offer both linear and exponential modulation with attenuation pots of the incoming control voltage. in addition to the two fm inputs there is one 1v/octate input that allows 4-5 good, solid octaves of tracking. taken as a whole this one of the most full featured lfos on the market today.

• Outputs: saw, ramp, square, pulse, sine, triangle, shaped sine
• Range: high: 4 minutes - 3.6k hz, low: >30 minutes - 40hz
• Modulation: 2 fm inputs with linear and exponential, pulse width modulation, non-linear sine modulation
• Tracking: 1v/octave. most users should get at least 4 solid octaves of tracking.
• Size: 14hp, 60mm (2.5 inches) deep
• Current draw: 100 mv

Bästa LFO du kan köpa i eurorackformatet. Dessutom superbra som VCO. Den enda modul som är i samma klass som denna är Livewire AFG, men den är dubbelt så stor och dyr.
Notera också att Shaped Sine är unikt för denna modul och låter riktigt bra.
Värd varenda krona.
- nrdvrgr (2010-10-20 16:06:11)

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