Flight of Harmony Plauge Bearer

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Plauge Bearer rev 4.2


The Plague Bearer is called a filter, but that is just a description of the circuit topology, what it can actually do goes way beyond that. It has been described as a filter, a waveshaper, a mangler, a crusher, and – my favorite – as an "FSU module".

I think calling it a filter may be a bit misleading, but I have no idea what else to call it. It is a filter, but it does more (all at the same time, really) excessive phase shifting, waveforming, ringing, formant generation, and so on. I guess it could be called a waveform modifier or enhancer, but those don't sound good either. I called it the Plague Bearer for a reason.

If you are looking for technical synthophile specs you are out of luck here. All f(h) devices are designed in accordance with how they sound, not to achieve mathematical perfection.

The most common question I receive is, "what is the filter slope?" Honestly, I never measured that. I specifically avoided the conventional approach while I was designing this circuit, so it's very problematic to try to describe this filter in the normal terms. The slope is directly tied to the gain of the circuit, making it variable, and the Q is affected by all three filter controls. The setup is actually a combined High- and Low-pass. The corner frequencies are adjusted by the controls and can be overlapped completely, which gives a comb-filtering effect.
The rest is for you to discover.

There is double jacks for all inputs and outputs, that lets you use the module as sort of an multiple and daisy-chain the signal path.

The PB filter can also act as a noise generator, and quite a variable one at that. To do so, just turn the input all the way down (CCW), turn the gain up a bit, and then adjust the High and Low controls to get the desired tone of noise. You can get some interesting percussion sounds by applying an impulse or saw wave to the High CV input, or some nice wind/whooshing sounds with a slow sweep. Daisy-chaining (series-connecting) a couple filters makes some nicely creepy ambient effects.

Changes in rev 4.0:
• Fixed the jack layout, with multiples for each I/O.
• Input attenuator switch (so you no longer need to use an external VCA to prevent overdriving the input).
• Output limited to ±5V(±0.2V) with a "soft knee" before fully clipping. For those that prefer the rather hot output potential of the older versions, the limiting can be disabled via a jumper on the PCB.
• Parallel (or "sandwich") construction to reduce the depth to 1.1875" / 30mm mounting depth including the power cable.

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- nrdvrgr (2010-10-20 16:16:04)
A deep module with many sweet spots & surprises. The palate of sound the Plague bearer opens up is astonishing. This module is diverse in many ways and should not be overlooked as esoteric just because of its ill-temper, it could be regarded if it were assessed under psychiatry as having a personality disorder. When tamed down its capable of very 'nice' natural sounds associated with noise sources such as water, steam, ocean wind etc, as well as industrial ambiance & disconcerting illbiance and drones. There are possibilities of industrial rhythmic material including snares, bass drums et al. Its also capable of being ferocious and unpolished whilst holding your eurorack hostage at gunpoint!

They work very well in pairs and at this price point there is little reason to not get 2, the build quality is solid. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
- jimbo (2013-01-09 08:10:52)

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