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Begagnad Zeta Ohm FLXS1

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Begagnad Zetaohm FLXS1 i mycket bra skick.
Zetaohm's FLXS1 (Fluxus One) is a 4-channel, 64-step sequencer with built-in microtonal quantizer and two CV outputs per channel. With integrated pitch & gate arpeggiator, complex modulation CV outputs, and extensive options for modulating sequences from external sources, the FLXS1 offers a powerful combination of features for all sorts of sequencing scenarios.
Based on integrating high levels of complexity with an intuitive scheme of interaction, the FLXS1 offers a host of per-step parameters for incredibly intricate sequences. The arpeggiator controls themselves are configurable per step, allowing for variable arpeggios, ratcheting effects, and up to 1024 pitch changes per channel at maximum. The additional CV output for each track can produce LFOs, envelopes, static voltages, triggers, and random voltages.
External CV and Gate inputs allow for modulation of a large number of internal parameters, making the sequencer's internal workings far more accessible than many of its competitors. The FLXS1 is not just a sequencer, but a modulation brain that both sends and receives information, allowing for complex behaviors that breach past the simple "voice controller" duties to which most sequencers are resigned. FLXS1 is a sequencer, arpeggiator, modulation source, voltage memory system, and far more.
FLXS1 Features
• 4-channel, 64-step voltage sequencer
• Pitch CV, auxiliary CV, and Gate output per channel
• Four CV inputs and four Gate inputs for external control over internal operations
• Sequence memory, pattern chaining, and Song modes available
• MIDI in and out via Korg/Make Noise-style 1/8" TRS connectors
• Dedicated master clock output
• Peculiar geometric buttons
• Integrated arpeggiator
• Most parameters variable per-step
• Auxiliary CV outputs produce LFOs, envelopes, and more
• Controllable number of steps, first step, clock division, direction, and swing per channel
• Integrated quantizer for pitch outputs with microtonal tuning options
• Randomization options for pitch, gate, or pitch & gate simultaneously





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