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Old school modular

One of the really great things with euro rack modules is that you can get them in any flavour you can think of. From clones of classical Moog or Buchla modules to groundbreaking new modules with functions never seen before, either analog or digital.After a few years with a lot of very fun digital modules and an equal amount of Buchla inspired modules the times seem to have shifted again. Lately we have seen a bunch of new very good moog/east coast inspired modules hit the market. AJH synth have their excellent Minimod range of modules for every…

Black Market Modular Colour Palette

Black Market Modular is kind of a new name to the eurorack scene. So far they only have one module out, but that is a really clever one, the Colour Palette. The Colour Palette is almost like a open source module. The module in itself consist of three CV controlable VCA´s, but the VCA´s also represents three separete channels to wich you can add a range of submodules.Black Market themself have so far released the high pass filter Tweet and the low pass filter Woof that are available to buy bundled with the Colour Palette module. WMD…

Discord is cool!

Finally modular synths are getting the attention it deserves!

Pittsburgh Modulars take on a euro keyboard

Pittsburgh Modular isn´t first on the ball releasing a keyboard for eurorack. As you probably know both Verbos and Sputnik has been on to it. But Pittsburghs new kb-1 keyboard certainly packs a few very nice features.The keypad is a pretty standard one octave pressure sensitive thing with two trig and four preset buttons to match. But under the hood Pittsburgh Modular have packed quite a lot to make it stand out from the rest.First off, it´s duophonic. Which, I think, is pretty cool. (If not perhaps the most intuitiv thing to incorp…



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