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Old school modular

One of the really great things with euro rack modules is that you can get them in any flavour you can think of. From clones of classical Moog or Buchla modules to groundbreaking new modules with functions never seen before, either analog or digital.

After a few years with a lot of very fun digital modules and an equal amount of Buchla inspired modules the times seem to have shifted again. Lately we have seen a bunch of new very good moog/east coast inspired modules hit the market. AJH synth have their excellent Minimod range of modules for everybody that want to build a complete Minimoog out of euro rack modules, Corsynth, who usually makes 5U modules, has released their C105e Noise/Lo-fi Machine as euro rack and of course there is the excellent Moog Mother-32 synth voice.

The latest addition, at least to the stock here at EFN, is Aion Modular. Aion Modular is run by the people behind the 5U manufacturer Club of the Knobs and they have so far released three euro rack modules. The 904A and 904B are clones of the classic Moog modular low and hig pass filter. The 921 is based on the Moog VCO, but with some add ons. This is a golden age for everybody that want to get some of that old school feeling in their euro rack system. Just check out this short test of the 904A and you´ll see what I mean.

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