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Pittsburgh Modulars take on a euro keyboard

Pittsburgh Modular kb-1

Pittsburgh Modular isn´t first on the ball releasing a keyboard for eurorack. As you probably know both Verbos and Sputnik has been on to it. But Pittsburghs new kb-1 keyboard certainly packs a few very nice features.

The keypad is a pretty standard one octave pressure sensitive thing with two trig and four preset buttons to match. But under the hood Pittsburgh Modular have packed quite a lot to make it stand out from the rest.

First off, it´s duophonic. Which, I think, is pretty cool. (If not perhaps the most intuitiv thing to incorporate in a euro rack setup.) Second, a complete 64-step sequencer as well as a ten note arpeggiator.

The sequencer is step record and has a nice probability gateburst generator! cheeky The arpeggiator has three different modes including single or double note trigger, and random monophonic or duophonic note cycling with random gates.

Another fun thing is that the trigger buttons can function as pressure sensitive clock dividers too.

Here´s video of Richard from Pittsburgh Modular giving a run down of the whole Lifeform System 201 featuring the kb-1.


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