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Swedish VAT is included in the price (25% for most things, 6% on books). If you think the pricing is absurdly exact it´s because all prices are set in swedish kroner and then automaticly translated to euro or US dollar.

If you have modules your not using any more it´s possible to trade them for part or the whole payment when you buy new modules. For a module to be of interest it has to be fully functional and in cosmetically good condition. Power chord and screws should also be provided. If you want to make a trade, email before you make the order.

Payment options
- Pay in Advance
You pay to us before we ship the items. You will be presented with more information about this after checkout is complete.

- Debit/Creditcard
You pay with your Visa or Mastercard through PayPal. All information is encrypted with SSL - 128 bit. The payment will be reserved on your account and pulled normally within 24 hours from the checkout. The transactions are done according to the new safetey standard "3D-Secure".

Delivery time
Normal delivery time is about three business days within Sweden. Estimate about 1 week to other countries. Sometimes modules might be out of stock, if so allow for 2-4 weeks extra depending on how fast we get the modules from the manufacturer. If the order is out of stock you will be notified thru e-mail.

We ship via Posten, DHL or Bussgods. We are not responsible for any delays caused by any shipping company.

Shipping cost
The shipping cost is based on the weight of your items. The cost will be presented upon checkout.

We always give you 1 year of guarantee for your items. All items are tested before shipping. If a product despite this is faulty you will be responsible for the shipping.

Your right of regret
In sweden, you are allowed to return the items (unharmed) without any specific reason. You have 14 days to regret your purchase and notify us about it.

The Law on Personal Data
Your personal information (name, address etc.) will be protected according to the Swedish law on personal data (PUL).




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