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Blind Monk Harmonic Multiplier

2 950 kr
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Product Description:
Harmonic generator and wave shaper. Capable of creating unique and complex tones, it takes an audio input from a triangle wave oscillator and multiplies the frequency up to seven times.
It can process other audio signals as well. There is a built in distortion circuit for additional timbres. Input two oscillators and get a variety of ring modulator sounds and feedback is available for even further tones and harmonics
• 20hp, all analog circuitry
• individual knobs and outputs for each of the harmonics
• six stages of wave folding
• distortion circuit for thick pulse width sounds and sync style tones
• feedback capable of creating crunchy digital sounding harmonics
• input control voltages for wave symmetry, chorus like effects, and feedback tone control
• 45 mA +12V
• 45 mA -12V
• 0 mA 5V

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BM-Harmonic Multiplier




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