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Instrument of Things 2.4 Sink Kit

5 000 kr
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Product Description:
A 2.4SINK kit including one Eurorack module, two high precision motion sensors, one sensor wrist band and one sensor clothing clip.
2.4SINK allows wireless connections to our high precision Movesense® motion sensors with low latency to create highly expressive and unique stage performances. Additionally 2.4SINK is compatible with Open Sound Control (OSC) and Bluetooth® MIDI to be compatible with a wide range of applications (e.g. Max, Pure Data, SuperCollider), sensors and maker technologies (e.g. Arduino). Built-in LFOs and 16 multimode outputs cover all kinds of control signals.
• Bluetooth® LE MIDI
• OSC via Wi-Fi
• Wireless Interface for Movesense® motions sensors with custom firmware
• 16 12-Bit Multimode Outputs (Unipolar Mode , Bipolar Mode , Gate/Trigger Mode)
• Built-in LFOs (Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Square, Clock)
• Built-in Webapp
• Width: 10HP
• Power Consumption: +12V: 250 mA / -12V: 30 mA
Movesense® Motion Sensors
Our branded Movesense® motion sensors are powered by our customized firmware adapted for musical applications (e.g. low latency). It includes 9 Degrees-Of-Freedom sensor fusion generating roll, pitch and yaw angles from gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. Mapping and scaling of sensor values can be done in the web app CV configuration section. Up to seven sensors can be used simultaneously.
• High precision motion capture control
• Three axes for three parameters that can be mapped independently
• Low latency applications
• 9-DOF sensor fusion
• Up to seven sensors can be used simultaneously

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IoT-2.4Sink Kit




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