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Klavis Quadigy

2 750 kr
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Product Description:
Quad Envelope Generator
• Quad 7-stage envelopes Pre-delay Hold Attack Punch Decay Sustain Release
• Continuous curve shape setting
• Inversion
• Independent output level
• Cycle capability with auto fit-to-clock
• Elastic time stretching
• 5 internal clocks with tap tempo
• External clock control
• Multiply/divide and offset
• Individual cycle ext. control
• 32 presets with naming
• External preset control via CV/Trig
• Simultaneous 156-point CV matrix
• Morphing on presets and CV Matrix
• Multi-editing for polyphonic uses
• Live mode for easier/safer control
• Graphical display
• Real-time envelope stages LED indication
• Current state retained over power cycle
• Easy firmware update via an audio file
• Skiff-friendly and compact module

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