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LPZW PO Series Adapter LPZW PO Series Adapter LPZW PO Series Adapter

LPZW PO Series Adapter

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Product Description:
Eurorack adapter for Teenage Engineerings PO Series.
The adapter comes as a very simple DIY kit. It require some basic soldering.
The LPZW.module PO-Series Adapter has five functions:
• hold the PO in your Eurorack
• supply power to the PO from bus-power
• route the I/O 3.5mm jacks to the front
• divide incoming 16th-note clock to a 8th-note clock used by the PO
• safeguard against higher trigger voltages than the PO accepts
• amplify the output signal times 2
It is up to you to decide which of those functions you want to use. Read this manual carefully and completely first and decide for yourself.
• Assembly step-by-step
• Remarks regarding clocking the PO
• Remarks regarding the PO-32
• Remarks regarding saving of patterns
• PCB Assembly (Only for blank PCBs)
• Schematic
• Component placement
• Steps

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LPZW PO series eurorack adapter




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