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Noise Engineering Sinclastic Empulatrix

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Product Description:
Sinclastic Empulatrix
Sinclastic - stolen treasure - from Old English sinc 'treasure', from Greek clastic 'easily removable'. Empulatrix - - from Javanese empu 'an honorific title for craftsmen' with suffix -trix from Proto-Indo-European forming a feminine noun with a negative connotation.
Sinclastic Empulatrix is a 4HP envelope generator with a voltage controlled clamp. The envelope generator is an exponential curve with controllable attack and release. The time ranges for both attack and release vary from 50 microseconds to 5 seconds. This is normaled to a voltage controlled clamp which acts much like a VCA but with subtle distortion added on the release.
The envelope in Sinclastic Empulatrix is a simple asymmetric voltage controlled slew so the ENVELOPE IN input need not be a gate. The attack controls the rate of voltage increase and release controls the rate of decrease. If ENVELOPE IN is a square wave it acts much like a traditional envelope generator.
The inspiration of the Sinclastic Empulatrix is the brilliant minimal design of the envelopes in the Roland TR-808 which use both simple capacitor charging for envelope generation and minimum voltage circuits for VCA like behavior.
Type: Envelope
Size: 4HP
Draw +12V: 15mA
Draw -12: 25mA

Sinclastic Empulatrix
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NE-Sinclastic Empulatrix




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