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nw2s, Balanced version.
For far too long, your modular has lived in its own world. Crazy signal levels, Unbalanced connections, Odd cables, Disconnected sleeves? Or is that ring? Or should it be grounded? The nw2s::io lets you integrate your modular with your studio just as if it were another well-behaved piece of rack gear.
The nw2s::io is available either electronically balanced or passively unbalanced. Both versions provide 16 channels of i/o on 3.5mm tip-sleeve modular and TRS DB-25 Tascam-format in only 10HP.
To match studio levels, the balanced module provides 6dB gain reduction for audio from the 3.5mm jacks to the balanced DB-25. When routing in from the DB-25 to the 3.5mm jacks, the signal is increased by 6dB. This will keep your modular from clipping most line-level inputs and provides extra gain when bringing studio signals into your modular.
The balanced version uses high-quality line drivers and receivers from THAT Corp which are individually laser trimmed to provide the best common-mode rejection and that run on a dedicated on-board high voltage power rail for headroom far above any signal that even your modular can generate.
An optional rear-routed cable allows you to route signals behind your rack as well. Note that there is currently no rear panel option, as any rear mount will be a custom solution. If you want to connect directly to another device such as a multi-channel ADC/DAC that is mounted directly below your eurorack, you can get the 24″ version with male connectors. Otherwise, you will likely want either the 6″ or 24″ cable with female connector.
Since the ‘io are DC coupled, it also works great as a CV/gate interface as well.
depth: 48mm
nominal current
+12V: 150mA
-12V: 150mA
Balanced Version
The electronically balanced version uses precision THAT Balanced Drivers and Receivers. It is designed with SMT components and stacked PCBs, resulting in an extremely high-density module. The unbalanced modular inputs have a net gain of -12dB on the balanced DB-25 connectors. The DB-25 balanced line inputs have a net gain of +0dB at the unbalanced modular outputs.
In order to provide up to 27.5dBu output level and up to 21.5dBu input levels, the standard eurorack +/-12V power rails were insufficient. The ‘io contains it’s own on-board +/-18V power supply that runs off the eurorack rails.

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