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RYO Airtenuator kit RYO Airtenuator kit

RYO Airtenuator kit

225 kr
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Product Description:
The RYO Airtenuator I is a floating passive attenuator you connect between two modules in your rack via patch cables, acting as a volume/modulation depth control between the source and destination. Each kit comes with 3 Airtenuator units.
Instead of being built into a module that sits mounted in your modular case these attenuators "float" in the air held up firmly by the two cables connected to it, thanks to the firm fit it is possible to make precise adjustments one-handed and they can also easily be twisted into an angle that works best for the specific task and placement in your patch.
One handed operation is tested on patch cables from Ad-Infinitum, Erthenvar (standard and IV) and TipTop Stackcables.
The Airtenuator I is sold as a beginner friendly DIY kit. And there are 3 units in every kit.

Airtenuator I
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RYO Airtenuator Kit




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