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TipTop Audio Spring Waves

700 kr
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Product Description:
Physical modeling is the principle of processing a sound through a set of equations and algorithms simulating the behaviour of a real world physical object (string, blown pipe, drum skin, spring, metal bar, piece of wood, etc.). Several techniques have been developed for physical modeling, and two variants of them are available in this cartridge: waveguide (or Karplus-Strong based) modeling, and a spring model that could be considered as a “state space model” as defined in the
Julius O. Smith III classification.
1> Double Waveguide Mixed
2> String Waveguide
3> Bass Waveguide
4> Minor Chords
5> Waveguide Mesh 1
6> Waveguide Mesh 4
7> Spring Filter 3 (LP)
8> Static Friction 2




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