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TipTop Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer

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Product Description:
The Z8000 Matrix Sequencer is a powerful tool in a small package. Contained within it's structure are the following:
a) Four 4 step sequencers on the horizontal (1/2/3/4).
b) Four 4 step sequencers on the vertical (A/B/C/D).
c) One 16 step sequencer aggregating all four horizontal 4 step sequencers in order from top to bottom, left to right.
d) One 16 step sequencer aggregating all four vertical 4 step sequencers in order from left to right, top to bottom.
Thus, giving you a total of ten sequencers in all.
The Z8000 is very simple to use but can create some extremely complex control patterns. Each sequencer can be made to step very slow or very fast up to audio rate. Each CV output has the capability to drive many inputs. One of the fun applications with the Z8000 is to patch one of the sequencer’s CV out back to the clock frequency input, creating a “swing” in the movement from step to step. The Z8000 has 10 CV outputs that can modulate 10 prameters in your modular, having them change polyrhythimcally, making things move.
Although the word ‘sequencer’ is mostly known as playing a sequence of tones (controlling the pitch of a VCO), the Z8000 is by no means restricted to doing only that. The Z8000 is a note sequencer but also a modulation sequencer and a programmer of events that happen in a predetermined time.

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