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Trogotronic M 666

2 240 kr
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Product Description:
The plug and perform simplicity of the Triple Six stand alone synth from Trogotronic, carefully distilled into Euro format.

This module, the first from Trogotronic previously known for there pedals, is as powerful an expensive array of traditional VCO/VCF/VCA modules patched together. Given the unique approach to audio circuit design familiar terms and elements may work in an unfamiliar manner. For instance at full CCW Oscillators 1 and 2 will shut down (in some combinations). This works great with CV which can exploit this as a pause when implemented skillfully. Threshhold can be set "in between" both oscillators; use this as a delicate balance point to be exploited with audio input or again with CV to this control point. The circuits many idiosyncrasies will make this module an indespensable element of your complement of sonic ordonance.

Contains no less then nine CV inputs, as well as one audio input.(And nine knobs, three LEDs and five switches).

Width: 14 hp

(1) manual sheet
(4) hex key screws
(1) 2.5mm hex key tool
(1) ribbon connector
(1) uniquely numbered owners card

all inside a small stock box...

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