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Abstract Data ADE-31 Logic Boss

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Product Description:
Abstract Data ADE-31 Logic Boss

Multi-stage, switchable logic and pattern-generation module
combining utility and performance-oriented features.

Up to 4 inputs and 12 simultaneous outputs in a unique cascading
architecture with CV switching and linking between the 2 stages.

Perform basic logic utility tasks, create complex patterns and
create rhythmic variations via on-board or external CV control.

LED status on all inputs and outputs for clear status indication.

Power-supply protection. Shallow, skiff-friendly build.

logic types (stage 1): nor/or, nand/and
logic types (stage 2): nor/or, nand/and, xnor/xor
inputs (logic, cv, audio): 4x ac/dc, up to +/-10v max. (3.5mm)
inputs (cv): 1x ac/dc, up to +/-10v max. (3.5mm)
outputs (logic): 12x dc logic +10v (3.5mm)
power requirements: +/-12v via 16-pin, doepfer-style idc connector
current draw: 61ma average
dimensions: 10hp (w); panel to connector 20mm (d)
supplied accessories: 1x idc cable, 4x m3 screws, 4x m3 washers

Logic Boss ADE-31
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