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British Noise Electronics Grit Analog Filter

3 000 kr
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Product Description:
Grit is a voltage-controlled analog filter with a high pass & low pass switch, grit has an x2.5 gain at the input driving into a limiter, this can add some serious weight to the signal while also keeping the audio in the sweet spot range for the filter, an LED indicates when the limiter is active, pre-filter there is the “GRIT” button, a unity gain distortion adding extra harmonics and character while maintaining the same level (when the limiter is active), Post filter grit has a parallel Saturation allowing you to dial in the perfect blend of saturation.
Technical specifications:
Current Consumption: +12V: 38mA | -12V: 30mA | +5V: 0mA
Size: 12HP
14mm deep 30mm with power cable ( Skiff Friendly )
Input Impedance: 100k
Output Impedance: 1k




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