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DPW Design AV-1 Attenuverter DPW Design AV-1 Attenuverter

DPW Design AV-1 Attenuverter

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Product Description:
AV-1 is a Eurorack format dual attenuverter with some extra functions. It can be used as a utility unit for control voltages or as a audio unit.
It has besides the obvious two attenuverter in and outputs a suming output with an attenuverter to get more complex signals. This sums what is after the A and B attenuverters.
When nothing is connected to A or B you can set the output to +/- 5V DC. This way you could run an LFO trough A, use B as a voltage offset and get the sum out on SUM.
The output A>B is a comparator output with a volume control. This can be used to trigger other units depending on whats comming out from A and B.
The A>B can also be used to make for instance a PWM signal out of a sinus in on A and a LFO in on B.
The A>B output is +/- 5V and a bit wave shaped so the square wave out should sound good if used for audio.
Next to each knob is a green/red LED showing the level and polarity of the output.
The green/red LED next to the A>B knob shows the signal before the red volume knob so you can se how the comparator reacts before turning up the volume.




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