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TipTop Audio Clocked Delay ZDSP Card

575 kr
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Product Description:
TipTop Audio Clocked Delay card for ZDSP modules.
Contains eight different delay programs.
1. Mono L/R Clocked Taps: mono delay. Only analog feedback possible. Div L and Div R determine six entirely different clock ratios for L and R.
2. Mono Clocked Low Pass: mono delay with low pass filter. Divide selects different clock ration for both channels, Fdb+LP controls low pass' cutoff frequency and the feedback amount.
3. Mono Clocked Fdbk+HPF: mono delay with high pass filter and feedback. Divide selects different ratios, simultaneously for both channels, Fbk+HP controls high ass filter's cutoff frequceny and feedback amount.
4. Mono Clocked Bandpass: mono delay; band pass filter with fixed frequency in the feedback loop. Divide selects different ratios of the channels, Fb+Q controls feedback and resonance
5. Dual Clocked Delays: two separate delay lines. Div L and Div R determine ratios, individually for L and R.
6. Clocked Ping Pong: mono mix goes into delay 1, its output into delay 2. Divide controls common ration (same for L+R), Fdbk the feedback amount.
7. Dual Clocked HPF: duel delay with high pass filter. Divide sets different clock divisors, for both channels simultaneously, HFP the cutoff frequency.
8. Dual Clocked Feedback: dual delay with low pass filter and feedback. Divide selects different clock divisors simultaneously for both channels, Fdbk controls cutoff frequency and feedback.




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