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TouellSkouarn Kala Goanv

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Product Description:
Kala Goañv
The Kala Goanv Module is a versatile inductor based effect (sort of band pass filter, distortion, phaser like sounding) with CV input in an eurorack plexiglass panel.
Features :
• 8HP / Laser Etched red plexiglass
• Real inductor gnarly sounding based effect
• input/output volume / CV control
• Eurorack Standard supply, red facing down
• Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in Plougastel-Daoulas.
• Stupid Breton name
Operation :
Plug in and out, respect polarity supply, (Red is -12v, like eurorack standard should be down) set gain input/output as needed. The module can produce cv controlled distortions, wah filter sweeps and phaser like sounds.
Because it is inductor based, the module can pick hum and electric fields, so keep the module away from the power supply transformer.
Knobs :
• Left --> input volume, set gain as desired
• Right --> output volume
• Middle --> frequency selection (depends on the other settings)
•Down --> More or less resonance
Consumption : 12V : 5mA // -12V : 5mA

Kala Goanv
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TouellSkouarn Kala Goanv




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