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Recovery Endless Summer v3 Recovery Endless Summer v3

Recovery Endless Summer v3

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Product Description:
The Endless Summer is a real spring reverb in pedal form. It features a boost allowing you to make things gritty, or go full-on over the top fuzzy and psychedelic. Simply put, it’s the coolest sounding and most unique reverb available!
Start with the balance all the way to the left to get a splashy reverb with slight “buffered” boost. 9 o’clock grits it up and boosts your amp. Things get crazy at 12 o’clock! Dial in the color and depth with the brightness control.
The Endless Summer is hand-wired in Seattle, Washington. True bypass, lead-free solder, and yes, it has a real-spring-reverb tank inside!
It operates on a standard Boss style 9vdc power supply (not included). Includes a limited lifetime warranty.
Enclosure size: 5.625" x 4.625" x 1.563"

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Recovery-Endless Summer




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