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Eowave 3U Powered Skiff

2 000 kr
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Product Description:
Powered 3U cases comes in 84HP , complete with built in 'source d'énergie' module, 15 header flat-back bus board and wall wart power supply. At under 1 kg (without modules installed) the 3U is portable, sturdy and finished in a sleek matte black
Tech Spec Overview
- 84HP
- Depth 6cm
- Inbuilt Source D'Énergie
- 15 header bus board
- Power switch
- Rail LED indicators
- Depth along 5HP of PSU 4cm
- +12V 2.4A/-12V 1.2A/+5V 0.5A
(when using 4A supply, case ships with 1.4A supply)
- Fabricated in France
- Aluminium body
- Perspex ends
- M3 rails and threaded strips

Item ID:
Eowave-3U Skiff




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