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Mordax Systems Data

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Product Description:
DATA : The multifunction tool for Eurorack modular systems
The DATA is a digital platform for testing, measurement, and signal generation in Eurorack modular synthesis systems. It is a modular tool kit, with functions applicable to any system and style.
Use the DATA’s scope to view the interactions between your control voltages and audio signals, allowing you to master your modules by understanding their voltage ranges, control shapes, and parameter responses. Use the DATA’s dual waveform generator to dial in a precisely scaled LFO for CV control, or use the waveform’s frequency “note mode” to effortlessly make dyads (two note chords). Use the DATA’s clock program as a master clock or to divide or multiply an incoming clock signal, sending two different clock outs to gate modules directly or as control to sequencers.
The possibilities of the DATA are basically unlimited; with the included microSD you can update the DATA’s firmware and we can continue to refine and create new programs.
• 16 HP (81.28mm width)
• 35mm approx. depth
• Powdercoated & silkscreened aluminum faceplate
• Full color, 2.8” (71mm) display, with crystal clear, scratch resistant window
• User upgradable firmware via included microSD card
• Oscilloscope, tuner, waveform generator, clock source/div/mult, spectral display, and more
Input / Output:
• 4 input jacks (+/-10V range), AC or DC coupled via on-screen control
• 4 buffered through jacks, one for each input channel
• 4 output jacks (+10 to -5V range), can be CV, audio, trigger or gate signals
Power Consumption (average):
• ~250mA +12V
• ~60mA -12V

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