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TipTop Audio ZDSP

4 900 kr
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Product Description:
The Z-DSP is a modular synthesizer component that can process and generate audio using a dedicated micro-computer, a digital signal processing processor – a DSP!
Like the processor in your desktop computer, the Z-DSP runs programs in memory. It’s these programs that create the delays, filters, oscillators and more that the Z-DSP can produce. The possibilities are virtually endless, limited only by the imagination of those who write the applications for it.
The Z-DSP gives you all the tools you need to control and manipulate digital effects so you can explore the new sonic spectrum that DSP is bringing to the modular synth including: VC digital parameters, VC min/Dry, manual and sequential program switching, down clocking the PSU and a pair of VC Feedback-loop paths with exposed patch points that let you insert the rest of your modular inside the DSP process.
The module is sold with the Dragonfly Delay cartridge, which contains 8 delay programs.
• 28 hp

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