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Mutable Instruments Frames

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Product Description:
Frames - Keyframer/mixer.
The heart of Frames is a 4-channel digitally controlled analog VCA. Through flexible input/output mixing and normalling options, it can be patched to serve the following purposes (among others):
• 4-channel attenuator/VCA.
• 4-channel mixer.
• 4-channel programmable CV source.
• Quadraphonic panner.
But what makes it truly unique is the way in which channel levels can be controlled, using a technique inspired by computer animation. Frames allows up to 64 configurations of the 4 level knobs to be stored and recalled throughout the course of its big "Frame" knob. By rotating the knob (or sending a CV to the Frame modulation input), the configurations are morphed into one another.
To fine-tune the animation and get varied morphing or sequencing results, the following options are available for each of the 4 channel:
• Easing curve (stepped, linear, exponential, logarithmic, sine, bouncy)
• Attenuation response of the level knob, from linear to logarithmic
With a bit of patching and imagination, Frames can also be repurposed as a 4-channel sequencer, a multi-stage envelope generator, a trajectory generator for quadraphonic panning...
• 4x DC-coupled signal inputs
• 4x Attenuated signal outputs
• Global signal input normalled to all inputs
• Mix output
• Frame control CV input
• Frame change trigger output
• 4x Channel level control with LEDs for visualizing levels
• Frame control with RGB LED backlight
• Frame CV attenuverter
• Keyframe creation/suppression buttons
Technical characteristics:
• CV inputs impedance: 100k.
• Audio input impedance: 100k (25k for the global input in some configurations due to normalling).
• Cortex-M3 ARM processor.
• Open-source hardware and firmware.
• Easy firmware updates through an audio interface.
• 90 mA +12V
• 30 mA -12V
• 20 mm Depth

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Mutable Instruments-Frames




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