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Used Doepfer A-135 mk I

700 kr
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Product Description:
Used Doepfer A-135 mk I in good condition. Some rackrash.
Module A-135 is a quad voltage controlled mixer. It is made of 4 independent linear VCA's. The VCA outputs are mixed to a common output. For each VCA the following inputs and controls are available: audio input with attenuator, control voltage input with attenuator, gain (pre-amplification). The VCA's are realized with high-quality CEM VCA's (CEM3381).
Applications: voltage controlled mixing of up to 4 audio signals with separate control voltages (e.g. delivered by LFO's, ADSR's, Random, Shepard generator, MIDI-to-CV interface or other control voltage sources). In connection with the Morphing-Controller A-144 the soft fade-over of 4 audio signals with only one control voltage is possible.
Inputs: audio in (4x), CV in (4x)
Output: audio out
Controls: Audio In attenuator (4x), CV attenuator (4x), gain (4x)

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