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AJH Synth Megaphase 12

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This is based on the vintage EH Smallstone phaser - which was 4 stages. So all of the JMJarre style Equinoxe sounds are readily available.
However, it has been expanded to 12 stages, with some unique features – an eight way rotary switch to select the Output stage, and a second eight way switch for selection of the Emphasis (feedback path). So it is possible to e.g. have a six Stage filter with Emphasis from the 11th Stage, or other combinations.
This allows a huge range of sounds, particularly as it includes odd numbered stages - each stage of the phaser is inverting, so selecting an even stage for output and an odd stage for Emphasis creates a different variety of Phase cancellations. It has Voltage Control of Phasing amount from dry to wet, and also Voltage Control of Emphasis amount too. The normal phaser output is a 50/50 mix of wet dry, but It has a "wet" output too along with a second audio input - this allows an external effect to be added as a second Emphasis path.
* 18 HP





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