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ALM Busy Circuit ASQ-1

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The ASQ-1 is a novel Eurorack sequencer with 3 different ’output modes’ - CV/Gate, Triggers and a Quantiser. The CV/Gate and Trigger mode have multiple instances or tracks. All run simultaneously and synchronised to an internal or external clock. Programming of all modes is performed using the mechanical computer style keys which represent both note and sequence position info.
ASQ-1 is intended to be a simple immediate sequencer ideally suited to quickly jamming out ideas or performing live. It’s intended to be fun - the antithesis of all the over designed performance sequencers out there. Hands on. Happy accident friendly.
• 2x ‘step time’ CV / Gate sequencers.
• 4x trigger sequencers.
• External CV quantiser.
• Internal and external clocking.
• Pattern saving and loading.
• Spacious, performance oriented interface.
• All settings remain between power cycles.
• USB-C for quick and easy ‘drag and drop’ firmware updates via computer.
• Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.
• Made in England.





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