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ALM Busy Circuits Jumble Henge

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The Jumble Henge is a 16 input stereo spectral mixer with a unique patch-based mixing interface in a compact space.
Each input has a carefully tuned resonant analog filter and a unique fixed pan value, providing each sound its own space within the mix. There is a Mix control to adjust the depth of the filtering and a clean external stereo input for chaining with another mixer or extra sound source.
Jumble Henge is a space efficient solution for creating rich stereo mixes from a number of both mono and stereo sources, working great in a compact live system or more creatively explored in the studio. Mix down entire patches, sum stereo effect returns or create a complex feedback network all with an intuitive, musically focused approach.
Jumble Henge was designed in collaboration with Worng Electronics and is based on their existing larger and more featured ‘SoundStage’ module. We appreciated the inspiration from the SP1200’s mixer section and how it nicely relates to the Squid Salmple’s output arrangement.
• 16 total inputs, 14 with stereo and spectral placement, additional clean stereo input and stereo LR mix output.
• Intuitive ‘patch-based’ mixing with a unique stereo and spectral position for each input.
• Per input resonant analog filters carefully tuned to accentuate lows, low mids, high mids, and highs, giving each sound a unique space in the frequency spectrum.
• Per input fixed pan position with increasing width towards the top end of the frequency spectrum and tighter more centred lows.
• Equal-power panning for consistency in perceived level across inputs.
• Mix control allows depth of entire mix’s filtering to be adjusted.
• Built with audiophile Caps (COG/NPO) and high quality modern OPA audio op amps.
• Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.
• Made in England (home of henges)
Technical Specifications:
Supply: +12V 70mA / -12V 70mA
Size: 8HP
Depth: 38mm

ALM-Jumble Henge




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