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Audio Damage ADM 14 Boom Tschack

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Our goal with this product was to make a no-compromises, versatile drum voice with a 100% analog signal path, and that made us happy. The first part was relatively simple. The "happy" part took a while. But after over a year of R&D and many, many iterations, we're pleased to present ADM14 Boomtschak, a drum voice that we're proud to call ours.
The left side of the unit comprises a triangle core oscillator, a VCA, two envelopes, and a waveshaper, and the right side is a noise source, multi-mode resonant filter, VCA, and one envelope. With a logical layout and versatile voice topology, Boomtschak is capable of face-melting kick drums and snares, and more strange percussion and sound FX than you can shake a (drum) stick at. The oscillator bottoms out at 5 Hz (!!!), and can track 1V/Oct over nearly seven octaves, so you can also use Boomtschak as a synth voice, for paint-peeling sub bass or a mallet-style melodic source higher up.
The trigger and choke allow full control over the enveloping, while a velocity CV input allows dynamic control. These, plus control voltage inputs over pertinent values make Boomtschak incredibly expressive. All in all, it is one of the most versatile and potent drum voices available for the Eurorack platform.
Mechanicals - Boomtschak is 24HP wide, and has a depth of 16mm; it will fit in any skiff. It ships with a 16-conductor keyed power cable and four nickel-plated M3x6 screws.





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