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Befaco Rampage

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The Rampage is Befaco’s approach to an old invention: the Serge/Buchla ramp generator.
We took the idea of a “patch programmable” function generator/processor, put two units in the same module and expanded them with new functions and ways to combine them: Slope detectors, analogue logic functions and evolved outputs.
The module is built around two voltage controlled integrators. Integrators (also known as Lag Processors or Slew limiters) allow you to process your voltages, converting sharp square waves in ramp-like waveforms.
These lovely devices can, for instance, convert a gate signal into a simple envelope, or achieve a “portamento” or “glide” effect when applied to pitch CV.
Another useful application of an integrator is it’s ability to low-pass filter an audio signal.
– Current needs: +12V: 110mA, -12V: 90mA
– Width: 18 HP
– Depth: 30 mm (inc power connector)





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