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DivKid Stereo Strip

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Stereo Strip takes the idea of a channel strip and makes it modular. It’s a stereo in and out device with EQ, voltage controlled panning, stereo VCA, performable mute and input/output line level interface. Abusing the latter functions allows for some musical, modulate-able and highly shapeable distortion sounds too.
The module was designed to work creatively within a patch, be it as a backend for a synth voice, an EQ to sweeten and place sounds in a mix, something to shape and modulate stereo FX, a module to create and modulate stereo spaces, as a stereo CV controlled send with benefits or simply as an output channel strip for a whole patch.
The addition of line level gain boosting (for the input) or reduction (for the output) allow it to work as a stereo input or output interface for external gear with the advantage of VCA and panning to modulate and an EQ to shape the sound.
Try patching Stereo Strip anywhere you would place a VCA in a system and/or explore its EQ and VC panning, which are rarer additions to the sound sculpting options for the Eurorack format.
• 6HP
• 33mm deep including power connector
• 63mA +12V and 63mA -12V current draw.

DivKid-Stereo Strip




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