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Doepfer A-192-2 CV to Midi/USB Interface

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Module A-192-2 contains two independent CV/Gate-to-Midi/USB interfaces. For each of the two sub-units these inputs are available:
• Gate Input (min. +5V)
• CVN Input (defines the Midi note number), 1V/octave standard, range 0...+10V (i.e. 10 octaves)
• CVV Input (defines the velocity value assigned to the Midi note message), can be used alternatively for Midi volume (CC#7), range 0...+5V
• CVC Input (free assignable to any Midi control change number), range 0...+5V
For both sub-units a common CV Transpose input is available (1V/octave, range 0...+10V). The voltage applied to this input is added internally to CVN before the Midi note number is generated. It can be used e.g. to transpose two sequences simultaneously by one voltage.
The data generated by the module are transmitted simultaneously to Midi Out and USB. Two or more A-192-2 modules can be daisy-chained via Midi Out - Midi In. Incoming Midi data is merged to the Midi output - provided that the incoming data volume is not too high (because of the limited Midi Input buffer of the module). A Midi keyboard or a second A-192-2 are no problem but please do not try to merge a fully loaded 16 channel sequencer track.
The two LEDs also display the activity of the sub-units (i.e. if Midi data are generated by the unit in question).
Typical applications:
• Conversion of analog sequences into Midi/USB data (e.g. A-155)
• Generating random Midi sequences (e.g. with CVN coming from A-118 or A-149-1, Gate e.g. from an LFO)
• Generating Midi control change data from analog voltages
• If bipolar or negative voltages have to be converted an offset generator is recommended (e.g. A-183-2). There is also an internal jumper available on the A-192-2 board that adds about +5V to the incoming control voltages CVN, CVV and CVC as soon as the jumper is installed.
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Doepfer A-192-2




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