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Trogotronic m177

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Little brother of the double-wide 277 the 177 does in mono what big brother does in stereo.

The unique design of the M-series 177 delivers not one but two stages of high-gain (& high voltage) vacuum tube signal path without sonic compromise. Harmonics & Bass-Heavy Compression unique to valve topology are delivered with an economy of “hp” real estate (7.5hp!), meager power supply requirements & cost while maintaining Euro Format CV compatibility.

The Model 177 is a High-Voltage Tube VCA with two CV parameters:

• Warm High Voltage Two-Stage Tube VCA
• CV Amplitude Input with Attenuator Knob
• CV Drive Input with Attenuator Knob
• Ample gain for use as External Input Preamplifier
• Zero to +5 volt CV-Range compatible w/most LFOs, Envelopes etc.
• Compression with Low-End Enhancement
• Warms cold digital effects & low-voltage solid-state signals
• Included High-Current Power Supply = low impact on your rack’s “built-in” supply
• 2 CV Lamps: 1 Blue (Amplitude) / 1 Red (Drive)
• Slovakian Max. Gain, Twin-Triode Vacuum Tube run at high-voltage
• Small: 7.5 hp x 2.275″ Deep

Yes: “high voltage”—no small task for a euro module. Reason being: even the best euro format power supplies were never intended for providing “B+” (arcane engineer speak denoting High Voltage feed for vacuum tubes). Rather than compromise both the operating specs of the tube & capacity of your modular’s power supply the M Series 277 includes a wall-wart to deliver both High Current & High Voltage to the valves without taxing your rack’s supply. Low voltage / low current circuits patch via included ribbon cable & use only a modest amount of power (see specs below for details). 177 provides front & rear jacks for the included supply to facilitate access from outside OR inside your rack (cuts down on added wires getting tangled with patch-cords on the frontside).

Use at the end of a patch: Rich tube harmonics & brawny compressed low-end add warmth to your cold digital effects / signals while reinforcing plastic sounding low voltage analog sound.

Use as overdrive effect: Overdrive effects via CV Drive input is a cinch.

Use as external input preamplifier: Gain afforded by the 277 is more than adequate to make even the tiny signal of a guitar or microphone patched straight to the input scream. As a modular synth is more than 1000 times louder you may well wonder what happens when such signal is fed through the 177 with controls all set to “eleven”; Results are comparable to “Max” feeding nitrous to his supercharged steed on a post-apocalyptic Australian byway. In other words: before powering up a model 177: full-body horse-hide body-armor is compulsory!





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