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Zerosum Inertia ZIMM04 Zerosum Inertia ZIMM04

Zerosum Inertia ZIMM04

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The ZIMM04 is a primitive tube audio processor
designed to add some aggressive distortion to audio signals.
The basic design is a fuzzy tube preamp with feedback added
for oscillating screaming effects.
Left knob controls feedback amount,
Right knob controls gain/distortion amount.

There is a CV input for feedback control on the left,
and audio input on the right,
audio output on the top center.

Audio is processed by a 6CB6 pentode,
with feedback control provided by a 5C3 vactrol,
the rest of the circuitry is just there to power the tube
and get audio in and out.

A good application for the ZIMM04 is to feed an oscillator
into the audio input, and a modulation source into the CV input.
The CV responds to audio rate modulation in an interesting way
and will also primitively track a sequencer source enabling the ZIMM04
to be used as a primitive oscillator. Just don't expect perfect tracking

For suggested patches, general questions or comments,
please contact Escape From Noise or Zerosum Inertia
directly through email to learn more about how the ZIMM04
can be used for musical applications.

The ZIMM04 takes up 2 spaces in an Eardrill 041 MM chassis
for the the 200e system.
User must have both a 041 MM chassis and 200e to operate module.

Power consumption: 150 mA +5, 30 mA + and -15 for a total of 180 mA.





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