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Intellijel Designs Corgasmatron II Expander

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Expansion module for the Korgasmatron II. It offers per filter unit one CV input for the resonance and as special feature an additional audio input with selectable filter type!
technical details

The expander module allows you to voltage control the resonance parameter of each of the two Corgasmatron 2´s filters. There´s each one resonance CV input with attenauator.

Per filter unit there is an additional audio input with selectable filter type and level control! Filter one signal with a lowpass for instance and the second signal with a bandpass simultaneously. The mixture of both signals is present at the common filter output. This gives you the possibilty to stack sounds or to create innovative, crazy feedback loops!

Totally passive module, is connected internally to the Korgasmatron 2 by a ribbon cable.

inputs and outputs:
Aux audio inputs A and B; resonance CV inputs A and B

3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide. Passive module.

Corgasmatron II Expander
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