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The TR-909’s clap featured one control the user could adjust: volume. That was not okay with us. Available Fall, 2014! Just like the other Mutant Drums, the Clap is a highly versatile module. It is actually a voltage controlled LFSR noise oscillator as well as a powerful percussion synthesis engine!
• feature-rich, analogue handclap percussion synthesis reminiscent of the 909
• pitch control of noise generator means you can create everything from vanilla 909 claps to broken, chiptune-like alien sounds
• doubles as a voltage controlled, Commodore64-sounding noise VCO via the NOISE output and PITCH CV input
• SUSTAIN control lets you crank up the clap’s sustain and use the module as an abstract synth voice with external inputs!
• external input allows you to synthesise claps from virtually any sound source you plug in
• built in internal reverb effect derived from clap tone
• reverb decay forms the decay of the clap sound, and is fully voltage controllable from short reverb “snaps” to long, whooshing tails!
• you can select between internal and external noise sources as the source for the reverb sound generation, opening up really interesting sounds
• DRIVE control lets you dial in anything from clean to extremely overdriven sounds – bandpass filter cutoff control

Hexinverter Mutant Clap




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