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Intellijel Designs Quadra Expander

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Intellijel Designs Quadra Expander
This module expands the Quadra by Intellijel by voltage control inputs for modulating the attack and decay parameters.
• Voltage control of attack and decay (with attenuators) of all four envelopes
• 4 x EOC (end of cycle) pulse outputs corresponding to the 4 function generators.
• 2 x analog OR (aka peak circuit) logic outputs that are normalled to the two pairs of envelopes (1+2 and 3+4) with attenuators.
• Special quadrature modes for Envelopes 1+2 and 3+4 with jumper on pcb to select two different kinds of looping responses.
The module connects to the Quadra via 4 ribbon cables
• CV input for attack, CV input for decay, EOC output for each channel
• two OR logic outputs
• 12HP
• 28mm deep

ID-Quadra Expander

2012-11-17 av
This expander module to the Quadra is essential in opening the intended potential of the quad function generator. The Quadra alone acts as four function generators (Envelopes). All four function independently of each other, each with the option of one of three modes (Exponential, linear & loop). However with this expander sitting next to it you have something almost identical to a Buchla 281e quad function generator! By allowing the patching of 4 end of cycle pulse outputs into other inputs (including the trigger input of the Quadra) the potential for the triggering of new processes & timed sequential events are staggering. The icing on the cake being the pairing OR output of function generator 1 & 2 and the pairing OR output of function generators 3 & 4. The OR out high logic of either of these pairs bring about millions of very complex envelope shapes that are not normally achievable in standard ADSR generators. Also the jumper on pcb can select two different kinds of looping responses. These modules will blow your mind, the more you use it the more you learn to unleash its endless potential. Thanks to David Dixon & Danjel van Tijn on such a great modules.



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