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Liivatera Dual VCA/Panner/Mixer

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With four functions in a single module, this must be one of the most versatile VCA's available today.
Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier.
Two independent VCA's, with DC-coupled signal path and switchable between linear and exponential control response. The CV signal can be attenuated or even inverted, and an offset added to the signal.
Voltage Controlled Panner.
A single input signal can be panned between the two VCA outputs under control of a single CV.
Voltage Controlled Cross-Fader.
A single CV can fade between two input signals. The CV can be either unipolar or bipolar, with variable fade depth.
Voltage Controlled Mixer.
Two input signals can be combined under control of either a single or individual voltage. The levels and gains can be individually scaled with the front-panel controls.
• Doepfer 10-pin shrouded header
• +12 Volts, 50mA
• -12 Volts, 50mA
• 8HP (40.6mm)
• White powder-coated aluminium with blue screen-printing

Liivatera Dual VCA




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