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Maneco Labs Mini Looper

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Lofi digital looping delay loosely inspired by the 1st EHX 16 Second Delay.
The Mini Looper has both easy and infinite delay as well reverse.
Easy stands for...easy: insert the effect in your chain, check that your INFINITE led it's off and all your knobs somewhere between noon and 2 o'clock, put a signal through the input, then stomp the BYPASS, and get some reps! Yes!!
And yes, once you get something interesting, you can keep it, that's it, just use that INFINITE toggle. Dammit, those bulletproof coffees finally are working your brain off.
See that REC/TAP written in fancy white slightly near the extreme left(y) switch? Well, THAT is the switch you're looking for. Bingo.
But... maybe (and let me reiterate here, maybe) you're that weird-still-inofensive bloke submerged into all kind of esoteric matters waiting for an answer to the intangible and, if that's the case, oh boy, you touch our old frozen heart.
Set INFINITE to on (led lits) hit the REC/TAP switch (see the big led turn to red?) record up to 30 secs of your seminal glory, hit it again...
When REVERSE is on (led lit) your delayed/recorded signal will be instantly reversed. Once you use it, you'll became "The Reversed One" and you will never be the same. Never. And you will be respected. And filthy rich. But the world will end. That's a f'kin fact.
Width: 12hp





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