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Manikk AR3

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manikk AR3 is a triple AR envelope generator.
Each envelope generator has individual attack, release and output level controls.
When the AR gets a high level on the gate input jack, it starts the envelope from about zero up to maximum voltage according to the level knob. The time it takes to reach the maximum level is set by the attack knob.
When the gate is released, the envelope decreases its output back to about zero according to the time of the release knob.
Features for each AR:
• Gate input jack
• Attack knob
• Release knob
• Envelope output level knob
• Envelope output jack
The gate input signal must have a voltage level above 2.5V to start the envelope.
AR 1 and 2 have only positive envelope output jacks. The output levels are unipolar from about 0 to +10V.
The third AR has both positive and negative output jacks. The negative jack goes from about 0 to -10V.
AR 1 is faster with shorter attack and release times: attack about 5s and release about 10s.
AR 2 & 3 are slower with longer attack and release times: attack about 10s and release about 20s.
• 6HP





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