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Manikk Dual 3 Channel Mixer

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manikk Dual 3 Channel Mixer is a 2HP module that has 2 independent 3 channel DC-mixers. Each mixer have 3 inputs and 1 output.
INA1,INA2,INA3 is mixed and sent to the output OUTA.
INB1,INB2,INB3 is mixed and sent to the output OUTB.
The output from the upper mixer OUTA (jack 4) is normalized to the first input INB1 (jack 5) of the lower mixer.
This gives the option to use it as a 5 channel mixer.
If no plug is inserted at INB1, then OUTB will be the mix for INA1,INA2,INA3,INB2,INB3.
Both mixer outputs (OUTA and OUTB) have a 1K resistor before the signal is sent to the output-jack.
The dual row pins on the bottom of the backside is the regular eurorack power connector. The negative -12V is marked on the backside of the PCB. The power cable usually has a red stripe for the negative -12V. Make sure to get the orientation correct.
• 2HP





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