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Manikk Otto Midi

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This is a complete MIDI module based on the Otto Stereo as front and the MIDI Addon added at the backside. You will get a better price when you buy this item complete, than buying the two parts as separate items.
• Only 2HP wide
• 1 MIDI TRS input (Jack 1)
• 4 MIDI TRS Thru outputs (Jack 2-5)
• 3 Custom jacks that can be used for up to 3 more MIDI TRS Thru, or used freely by a pinstrip on the backside. (Jack 6-8)
• 3 Buffered MIDI serial thru outputs on the backside. Can be used as extra THRU outputs.
• The TRS jacks are preconfigured for MIDI TRS Type A, but can be changed to Type B by changing soldering-pads.
• LED indicator for incoming MIDI activity through a hole in the Otto front.
Package contents:
• Module with addon
• 2 screws
• 1 Eurorack power cable
• 1 Sticker sheet
The 3 buffered MIDI-THRU (A,B,C) pins on the backside can be used in a number of ways:
• Extra MIDI THRU outputs, just add connectors.
• Feed MIDI THRU to other modules MIDI input pins on the backside. Inside your rack. Use A,B and C as “TX” and GND signals to feed your Arduino MIDI project directly to the RX pin.
The module will normally be pre-configured for TRA type A.
You can change this by yourself by changing/resoldering the solderpads.
See the manual below.
No MIDI cables included.
The 3 bottom jacks (6,7 and 8) can be used more freely.
On the back you will find a pinstrip with tip and ring pins for each of these 3 jacks.
There is also some general-purpose GND-pins on the pinstrip.
Here you can connect whatever you like, that you want to get in a stereo jack on the frontpanel, for example MIDI inputs or outputs from other modules.
You can also skip the pins and use the solderpads to configure these jacks for type A or type B MIDI TRS Thru outputs (like jacks 2-5).





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