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Monome Ansible

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far communicator, speaks openly.
change modes by plugging different USB devices and a front panel key.
kria (grid) - live step sequencer, polyphasic parameters, emergent patterns.
meadowphysics (grid) - rhizomatic cascading counter.
levels (arc) - rotational pattern instrument.
cycles (arc) - physically manipulated waves.
reach (teletype) - further ecosystem output and input.
traffic (midi) - device voice allocation and various arpeggiation.
Output and input functionality vary according to which application is running.
Applications are determined by which USB device is plugged in. For example, when you plug in a Grid it will be running Kria. Hold the preset key (next to the USB port) to switch to Meadowphysics. Ansible will remember which application you were last running between power-ups.
Unplugging the Grid and plugging an Arc will change to Levels.
With nothing plugged in the Ansible works as a Teletype input/output extender.
Modes are indicated with a white or orange LED near the mode key.
format: eurorack
width: 6hp
depth: 39mm (“skiff friendly”)
power: 12v: 200ma, -12v: 19ma, 5v: none





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