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Noise Lab Formantic

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Formantic is a voltage controlled analog formant filter that combines two resonant 12dB bandpass filters (BP) with one resonant 24dB lowpass filter (LP). Each filter has its own set of controls for resonance and cutoff frequency and can all be driven into self-oscillation. A "path switch" lets you process the audio signal in series or parallel. While Input A routes the signal through all filters, Input B only goes through the LP filter. Output is split into Main Out (BP + LP) and BP Out which in turn opens up for further processing like quasi-stereo effects etc. The joystick enables intuitive interaction with the BP filters, while a large Master Cutoff knob lets you sweep all filters simultaneously. 4 CV inputs to control the cutoff for each filter individually.
Width: 16HP
Depth: 26 mm
Current draw: 45 mA +12V / 52 mA -12V





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