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Noise Lab Fourcaster

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The Fourcaster is a unique 4-channel crossfader a.k.a. interpolating scanner.
Once you start working with it, you'll soon discover how you can create very complex sounds simply by morphing different sources. In short; mix four separate input signals, manually or by control voltage. When turning the central knob (Channel Scan), each input fades (morph) from one to the next completely seamless. Or even better, let an envelope generator or LFO do the job for you.
The All Chan knob basically controls all channels simultaneously, expanding the sound shaping capabilities even further. With CV via the All Chan Mod input, the Mod Level attenuator will determine how much you want to open up the channels. If unplugged, the knob will act as a master control for all four channels.
Usually you set out with a single waveform, process it through filters, a VCA and some effects. With the Fourcaster your sounds evolve over time, creating a sequential composite of sounds. And yes, you can mix CV and create evolving crazy complex CV signals as well.
Width: 12HP
Depth: 26 mm
Power: 39 mA (+12 V) / 36 mA (-12 V)





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