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Noise Lab Wrinkler

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The Wrinkler consists of a primary wavefolder circuit and a secondary “creaser”, both controllable via knobs and CV. Generally wave folders only work with low harmonic content such as sine or triangle waveforms but this one comes with circuitry that can fold and wrinkle ANY waveform you feed into it, including square waves! An offset function adds some extra sonic abilities to the mix. The Wrinkler got two outputs; one with the folded signal and one with a “squarified” version of the folds. Perfect for creating harsh, metallic sounds.
When folding a waveform you add a lot of harmonic overtones to it. Unfortunately in the process, the fundamental gets weaker and you will lose some of its original low end content. With the DRY LEVEL knob, Wrinkler lets you blend the original waveform with the folded content, preserving all the lower frequencies.
Width: 12HP
Depth: 26 mm
Power: 46 mA (+12 V) / 46 mA (-12 V)





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