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RYK modular M185 Sequencer

5 000 kr
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The M185 is the most intuitive and playable Eurorack sequencer.
It appeals as a hands-on performance orientated module for easy creation of complex melodic sequences.
It is the original multi-step-per-stage sequencer that inspired the Metropolis and Metropolix modules.
8 unique gate modes for creative rhythmic possibilities
• A/B split mode for two separate sequences, like having two sequencers in one box
• 2 channels of CV/GATE and MIDI I/O
• 15 Quantise scales OR pure analogue microtonal CV output
• 2 channels of CV and Gate outputs
• Expansion header to connect two M185s for 16 stage sequences
• Reset input [ shared with MIDI input ]
• Sync output [ shared with CH2 gate ]
• Bidirectional Clock I/O
• MIDI input for MIDI clock in, MIDI note transpose
• MIDI output for MIDI clock out, MIDI note output
• 8 stages, each with individual 1-8 step repeats per stage
• 8 gate modes per stage [ Off, Once, All, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, Probability or Programmable, and Long ]
• Programmable gate patterns for 'on the fly' X0X style programming of gate triggers
• +12V = 75mA average, 110mA peak
• 12V = 10mA
• Width: 30 HP
• Depth: 25 mm
• Black anodised Aluminium panel, silkscreen in RAL 9002
The module comes complete with all the cables needed to get started:
1 x TRS MIDI adapter, 1 x TRS CH2 CV/GATE cable, 1 x Euro Power Cable





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